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Attend: SW Germantown PhillyRising Meeting, Thursday, March 27

Coming up! Get involved in PhillyRising and help shape Germantown’s future.

Learn more about what PhillyRising means for the neighborhood.

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Southwest Germantown Designated a PhillyRising 2.0 Neighborhood

phillyrising-logoWe are excited to announce that Southwest Germantown has been selected to be a part of the City of Philadelphia’s PhillyRising 2.0 initiative. With an undeniable groundswell of community engagement enveloping Germantown right now, our neighborhood is poised to work hard with our new partners at PhillyRising.

The W Rockland Street Project is looking forward to working alongside SoLo (Southwest Lower Germantown Civic Association) and many other neighborhood partners and friends, old and new.

The PhillyRising Collaborative is the City of Philadelphia’s new way of doing business. PhillyRising targets neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia that are plagued by chronic crime and quality of life concerns (sadly, that’s us), and establishes partnerships with community members to address these issues (we can do it!). The PhillyRising Team coordinates the actions of City agencies to help neighbors realize their vision for their community through sustainable, responsive, and cost-effective solutions. Together, residents and the City government can keep Philly rising!

Primary Objectives

  • Fight crime and the fear of crime; including terrorism
  • Build sustainable, responsive solutions to the concerns of people living and working in each neighborhood
  • Develop cost-effective methods for improving service delivery to each neighborhood
  • Help those living and working in the PhillyRising neighborhoods to realize their vision for their community

Learn more at phila.gov/PhillyRising and stay tuned for official details about the Germantown project!

Alleyway cleanup in Frankford.

Alleyway cleanup in Frankford.

Northwest Division's Jimmie Sanders with volunteers.

Northwest Division’s Jimmie Sanders with volunteers.

Go behind the scenes with PhillyRising on facebook.com/phillyrisingmdo and see the work the collaborative has done in neighborhood’s across the city.

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