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Block Cleanup

At our first block meeting of 2009, the neighbors decided that one of the first orders of business would be to host a block cleanup on April 4, as part of the big Philly Spring Cleanup. W Rockland Street has a big litter problem, in addition to a pretty awful vacant lot at the bottom of the block. Our goal for the cleanup is to get the neighbors involved, cleanup our homes and yards and the sidewalk and street, in addition to tackling a few of our major problem zones.

Goals for W Rockland Street Spring Cleanup

  • Think Big: Join together to cleanup the vacant lot at the bottom of the block and the lots at the top of the block!
  • Cleanup and beautify your own homes and yards
  • Cleanup the street and sidewalk areas near your home
  • Work with your neighbors to cleanup in front of vacant houses
  • And don’t forget the back of your house, keep the alleys clean and clear of debris for emergency situations
  • Say no to litter and illegal dumping! Respect your neighbors. Make Rockland Street a beautiful, trash free and safe place to live for you and your family!

Philly Spring Cleanup 2009 Announcement

Exciting news! W Rockland Street is gearing up to participate in the big cleanup. We hope that being part of a more official cleanup will help us to make some headway on the block.

Philly Spring Cleanup LOGO


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Philadelphia, March 10 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced that the 2009 Philly Spring Cleanup will take place on Saturday April 4th from 9am to 2pm.  The theme of this year’s event will be Building Sustainable Communities.

“Every day since last year’s event people have been asking me if we would be doing it again and today I am happy to say yes, it’s on,” said Mayor Nutter.  “Last year friends, families, and neighbors came together to clean up their neighborhoods and to take care of their city.  This year, in these tough times, it is more important than ever that we come together once again, roll up our sleeves, and continue our progress towards a cleaner, safer Philadelphia.”

Mayor Nutter made the announcement at Athletic Recreation Center at 26th and Master – a designated rec center site for the 2009 Cleanup where volunteers will fix up the baseball field, remove debris and paint the fence line. Also at the announcement were City Year – who led a morning work-out – and the hip-rock band Bunjii who performed a song composed specially for the Cleanup – We Can Keep Philadelphia Beautiful.

The 2008 Philly Spring Cleanup was a huge success, recognized by Keep America Beautiful as the largest single day, citywide clean-up on record in the United States:

  • 15,000 volunteers cleaned over 3,500 blocks
  • 2.5 million pounds of trash were collected
  • 71 commercial corridors were cleaned
  • 28 Rec Centers and 27 Fairmount Park sites were cleaned

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