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Why You Should Adopt A West Rockland Street Cat (Hint: They Rock!)

Chianna and Quincy. Photo by Morgan Zalot.

Chianna and Quincy. Instagram by Morgan Zalot.

We heard you need a friend. Meet Quincy, Lucy, Paul, Kenny, Thomas Jackson and Petey! All of these amazing kitties are currently homeless cats on West Rockland Street in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood.

Morgan Zalot and David Maialetti at the Philadelphia Daily News think they’re pretty sweet and visited the block last week for this story in Monday’s edition of The People Paper (can we call it The Cat Paper today?) to tell you all about them: Germantown sisters working to find homes for stray kittens.

Give a West Rockland Street cat a forever home and help us solve our block’s problem with animal abandonment and neglect at the same time. It’s a win-win! The cats up for adoption are all extremely friendly. Their behavior suggests they were all previously house cats that were recently “put-out” by negligent pet owners not too long ago – four of these cats just appeared within the last three weeks. Sad but true.

By adopting a cat from our block, you’ll also be supporting our ongoing effort to raise awareness about this issue in Germantown and beyond. In addition to finding homes for Rockland strays – who now live in neighborhoods all over the city, from Chestnut Hill to Port Richmond – we have helped many of our neighbors become more responsible pet owners by providing low-cost veterinary and spay/neuter services to block residents. In the past two years, over fifteen cats belonging to block residents have been spayed and neutered during our annual West Rockland Street Cat Health Day program, resulting in a visible reduction of kittens and strays on block. We also provide block residents with educational materials about keeping city cats safe and healthy and information about ACCT Philly and the SPCA’s animal surrender services, explaining that kicking a cat out on the street is not only cruelty to animals, it also creates problems for neighbors, their pets and the block as a whole.

So what are you waiting for… Read all about these cool catz. If you’re interested in adopting, email and we’ll tell you more. 


Quincy is a bicolor grey and white six month old male kitten with green eyes. He is super chill and friendly, loves rolling around in the sunshine and sleeping on laps and in empty flower pots. Quincy  just started hanging around on West Rockland Street about three weeks ago after his previous owner, who is known and also lives on the block, kicked him to the curb. We have no idea why, beyond ignorance. He’s a delight and loves kids!

Helllllllllo, Quincy!

Helllllllllo, Quincy!

Dude, what are you looking at? Quincy hanging out by the sidewalk garden.

Dude, what are YOU looking at? Quincy hanging out by the sidewalk garden.

Lucy, the Hemingway Cat

Lucy is a super sweet calico kitty that showed up at our backdoor about two weeks ago and never left the back stoop. She is a small one year old female cat with brown eyes and a pretty coat. She is very friendly and loves to take naps on laps and cuddle. Her face is split nearly evenly in color, one half a beautiful black, the other a deep orange brown (the mark of a chimera!). And if that wasn’t mystical enough, Lucy is also a polydactyl! She has extra toes on each front paw and it looks like she’s wearing white mittens. Did you know Ernest Hemingway loved polydactyl cats? You should too! Check out this story on Mental Floss: 11 Writers Who Really Loved Cats.

Lucy is magic!

OMG! Lucy!

Note, Lucy has mittens. Polydactyl cats are awesome.

Note, Lucy wears mittens all year round. Polydactyl cats are awesome.


Paul is a pretty cool guy. He is an orange and white six month old male kitten, long and lean. If Paul was a person, we think he would be a cool young math teacher that wears corduroy pants. Does that make sense? That’s Paul’s vibe.

"Hey, where did we go , Days when the rains came?" Brown eyed Paul!

Brown eyed Paul!

because catsKenny

Photo coming soon. Kenny is just like Paul. They are likely brothers and hang out on the block together. Kenny is a grey and white striped six month old male kitten. He is very friendly and wants a family! He loves people and kids. 

Thomas Jackson

Thomas Jackson is a totally awesome cat, hence his stately name. He is a large two year old short-haired mackerel tabby with rad stripes and big green eyes. His body patterns make him look like a furry boa constrictor, and if that wasn’t enough, the markings on his head look like an outline of the eiffel tower (seriously). Like most mackerels, he also has a clear ‘M’ mark. It’s a cult! For such a big guy, Thomas is crazy playful but also a bit of a scaredy cat. He loves chasing balls and flying through the air but seems intimidated by other cats, though he did recently become playmates with fearless Calvin, a kitten who is about ⅛ his size. Who knew… Thomas Jackson spent many months on the street and is currently an indoor/outdoor cat (we think he could be trained to stay indoors full time). He loves looking out the window and sleeping in beds but he isn’t exactly a total cuddle cat. If you want a cat to chill with and occasionally chase balls like a maniac, then he’s your guy. Emaleigh is super sad to see him go. Somebody give him the best home ever.

Sup. I'm Thomas Jackson.

Sup. I’m Thomas Jackson.

I love sleeping upside-down!

I love sleeping upside-down!

because catsPetey

Photo coming soon. Petey is an all white two year old male cat. He was neglected by his previous owner and now lives on the street. Petey is very friendly but will need some extra attention at first. Give him a home!

Are you in love yet?

Email and we’ll tell you more!


Lisa is looking for a forever home! Rockland Street Cat Adoption.

Adopt Little Lisa!

Lisa is a kitten from W Rockland Street in Philadelphia. Lisa is grey and tan with a super soft spotted underbelly, striped arms and legs and a long striped wagging tail. Lisa is a super playful big kitten that gets along well with other cats. She loves people. She loves toys. Lisa likes to sleep in cat beds and human beds. She’s amazing!

Lisa was unfortunately abandoned by her previous owner. She was quickly scooped up by us and we’re taking good care of her until she can find a forever home.

Why adopt Lisa?

  • A long lasting relationship, Lisa is young and will be with you for years!
  • Lisa is very talkative, lots of purring and meows! She is a great little communicator.
  • Lisa has all of her shots including rabies. She is spayed and tested negative for FLV and FIV.
  • Lisa is very well behaved and uses the litter (no mess ever!).
  • Lisa is super playful and comes with her favorite toys (a little catnip possum that she carries around).

So you want to meet Lisa?

Please email or call 215-805-8091.