Aine + Emaleigh

The W Rockland Street blog is written by Aine Doley and Emaleigh Doley, sisters and longtime block residents. 

Fun Facts

Ainé and little baby Emmy with their father, Ron Ardron.

Ainé and little baby Emmy with their father, Ron Ardron.

  • Aine has lived on W Rockland Street since she was 5 years old. She is the oldest at 36. Emaleigh is 29 and an oft debated 1-inch taller.
  • Emaleigh’s first word was “Aine.”
  • Aine asked for Emaleigh to be born and likes to bring this fact up during disagreements. Emaleigh finds it questionable that Aine is the reason for her existence.
  • City learning. Emaleigh is a graduate of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission’s Citizens Planning Institute. She does too much research. Aine is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society‘s Garden Tenders program and Green City Teachers. She has 12 green thumbs.
  • Pronunciations! Emaleigh is pronounced just like that other Emily! Our Dad wanted to name her after his southern grandmother Emma Lee. Mom had another idea that came to her while sitting at Logan Circle, pregnant and fretting over names. The writer David Sedaris made fun of it once. True story. Aine is pronounced like An-ya. The variation is the Irish (Gaelic) spelling for the name Ann, and she’s named after our Mom. Turns out Mom was actually inspired not by the Irish, but while reading Anya: A Novel at the beach in Ocean City – the remarkable story of a Russian Jewish woman in Poland during WWII (back in print, recommended reading!).
  • They both really like The X-Files. The truth is out there.

Aine + Emaleigh in the early 80s, reading nursery rhymes on the steps at W Rockland Street.

Today. Aine in a dunk tank at a W Rockland Street block party. Check out

Aine at W Rockand St’s best block party ever in July 2011

Aine is an experiential and event marketer. She’s traveled the country bringing big brands to life at festivals, colleges and events like the Super Bowl. Aine is serious about community organizing and is the brains behind greening efforts like Grow This Block! She believes that through small successes and daily affirmation, you can instill a belief that change is possible. Aine can drive big trucks, promote any product, grow almost anything, loves to skate around Kelly Drive and wants to spay and neuter your cats!

Emaleigh planted in a garden bed on W Rockland Street. Check out

Emaleigh in a garden bed, ready to be planted.

Emaleigh in a garden bed, ready to be planted.

Emaleigh’s world revolves around communication, how we build connections, and the stories we tell (and how we share them). She works in creative public relations, marketing and communications strategy, across creative disciplines with businesses, nonprofits, cultural and educational organizations and more. Emaleigh is interested in projects that interact with the public in new ways, cause a scene, work to build community or enhance city life (even greater if it’s all of the above). She is fueled by music, loves public art, lattes, fountains and walking around cities.