The W Rockland Street Project is a citizen-­driven effort to revitalize one Philadelphia city block through community organizing and small-scale urban interventions.

W Rockland Street is a 1-block residential street in the Germantown section of Northwest Philadelphia nearby Wayne Junction Station. Because of its size and location, W Rockland St is the perfect place to experiment. With a do-it-yourself spirit and low-cost high-impact approach, the grassroots initiative builds community and creates change you can see.

The project is spearheaded by Aine Doley and Emaleigh Doley, sisters and longtime block residents. Aine has lived on the block for 30 years!

“When neighbors are trying to make something happen, we, the city, have to meet them halfway.”
– Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter on W Rockland Street’s creative revitalization projects

“The methods the Doleys employ are worth watching – and imitating all over Philadelphia.”
– Inga Saffron, The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Bricks

The Unit Block of W Rockland Street (zip code: 19144) is located between the 4800 blocks of Germantown Avenue and Greene Street, flanked by the 100 blocks of Logan and Wyneva Streets.

There are 46 three-story, century old row homes on W Rockland Street.

Property types include homeowners, full house-rentals, row homes converted into full apartments, rooming houses and subsidized housing.

Scattered in between houses, there are 6 vacant lots combined in 3 separate spaces, all maintained by block residents. This is an unusually high number for the area.

St. Francis of Assisi Parish (now closed) and The DePaul Catholic School (active) are also part of the block, at the corner of W Rockland and Greene Sts.

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