Brickyard: Repaving one of Germantown’s red brick roads

A few weeks ago, I stopped by the 100 block of W Abbottsford Avenue in lower Germantown to take some photographs of an unusual street maintenance job. W Abbottsford is one of Philadelphia’s last remaining streets paved entirely in red brick.

Relaying a brick walkway or patio sounds daunting enough, let alone an entire city block. At the time these photos were taken, the Philadelphia Streets Department crew had already been working for three weeks. This was not your average pothole repair job.

There are some 330 blocks throughout the city that have retained historic paving materials, from red and yellow brick to granite blocks with blue glaze, cobblestone, and wood blocks (alas, just one wooden street remains).

All photos by Emaleigh Doley. September 11, 2014. 

Go visit!

The 100 block of W Abbottsford Avenue is located between Greene Street and Wayne Avenue and Apsley and Wyneva Streets, just a few blocks from SEPTA’s Wayne Junction Station.

More streets in Germantown with brick pavings

This list is compiled from the Historical Commission’s Philadelphia Historic Street Paving Thematic District Inventory, published in May 1999.

Red Brick

  • 400 block of Bringhurst Street
    Cross Streets: Laurens and McKean Sts.; between Hansberry St. and Queen Ln.
  • 6300 block of Burbridge Street
    Cross Streets: Washington and Duval Sts.; between McCallum and Greene Sts.
  • 5000 block of Erringer Place
    Cross Streets: Clapier and Manheim Sts.; between Wissahickon and Morris Aves.
  • 5200 block of McKean Avenue
    Cross Streets: Hansberry St. and Queen Ln.; between Morris and Laurens Ln.
  • 6300 block of Moylan Street
    Cross Streets: Washington and Pomona Sts.; between Wayne and Greene Sts.
  • 400 block of Stafford Street
    Cross Streets: Morris St. and Wissahickon Ave.; between Chelten Ave. and Rittenhouse St.
  • 300 block of Zeralda Street
    Cross Streets: Fernhill St. and Pulaski Ave.; between Apsley and Berkley Sts.

Orange Brick

  • Lehman Lane (orange mottled brick)
    Cross Streets: W. Price Street and Wissahickon Avenue

Yellow Brick

  • 300 block of Duval Street
    Cross Streets: Greene and Sherman Sts.; between Washington and Johnson Sts.
  • 5200-5300 block of Laurens Street (yellow brick with a chevron patter at Bringhurst intersection)
    Cross Streets: Queen Ln. and Hansberry St.; between Morris St. and Wissahickon Ave.
  • 100 block of W Sylvania Street
    Cross Streets: Wayne Ave. and Greene St.; between Apsley and Wyneva Sts.
  • 300 block of Winona Street
    Cross Streets: Pulaski St. and Morris St.; between Schoolhouse Ln. and Coulter St.
  • 6300 block of Sherman Street
    Cross Streets: Johnson and Duval Sts.; between Greene and Wayne Sts.


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