Council control of development? Song of The Day: “My Prerogative”

The Philadelphia Inquirer has penned an important editorial about Council control of development that pretty much everyone should read. It’s a serious problem and if you’re working on neighborhood development issues, you best pay attention.

This latest unfortunate news details how City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. blocked the construction of dozens of new houses in the fourth district “with the help of councilmanic prerogative, an unwritten rule that allows district Council members to control development on their turf.”

The only thing I have to add that the good reporters at the Inquirer didn’t say is this: whenever I read about councilmanic prerogative, I usually hear the chorus to Bobby Brown’s classic 80’s jam “My Prerogative” in my head and I think you should too. “I don’t need permission / Make my own decisions (Oh!) That’s my prerogative.” Pull it up on Spotify and give it a listen. Or better yet, watch the music video.

While its difficult to look beyond the greatness of this dance hit, the reality of councilmanic prerogative is just oh so sad.

“For the first time in decades, Philadelphia has been growing. Council bossism shouldn’t be allowed to stand in the way,” closes the Inquirer. Forealz. I’ll leave it at that.

Read more: “De facto” land taking could cost Phila. dearly later.

Fourth District City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. (via Emma Lee/for NewsWorks)

Fourth District City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. (via Emma Lee/for NewsWorks)

“Ego trips is not my thing.”


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