W Rockland Street is looking for a Junior Block Captain

Marianna, Junior Block Captain, with the Neighborhood Transformation Award

Marianna, Junior Block Captain 2010, holds the W Rockland St’s Neighborhood Transformation Award

We’re on the hunt for a new Junior Block Captain on the unit block of W Rockland Street for 2014. Being a block captain is more than just organizing block parties, it’s a real (volunteer) job worthy of a serious job description. How will we find the right kid? Outlining what is expected of the Junior Block Captain at the outset should help. Some of the responsibilities below were suggested by children at our first block meeting of the season.

Download a PDF of the flyer.

W Rockland Street Junior Block Captain
Job Description


  • Spray weeds in the sidewalk on your assigned section of the block once per week.
  • Sweep and pick up trash on your assigned section of the block twice per week (from April to September. Once per week from October to March).
  • Talk to children about putting trash in its place and recycling properly.
  • Attend Block Meetings.
  • Organize and help lead two youth block meetings per year.
  • Help spread the word to residents on the block about meetings, events and activities through word of mouth and flyering.
  • Communicate ideas and concerns from the children on the block.


  • You are a natural leader.
  • You set an example for the other children living on W Rockland Street.
  • On time for all block events.


  • If job responsibilities are completed in a satisfactory manner you may receive up to two gift cards each month.

This is a volunteer position available immediately though December 31, 2014. Beyond that, there may be the opportunity for the Junior Block Captain to renew their position each season.


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