Momentum in Germantown: 30 projects planned for annual Philly Spring Cleanup

In its seventh year, it’s time for the City of Philadelphia and the Streets Department to drop mega-trash stats to show and prove just how much we can all clean up during the Philly Spring Cleanup on Saturday, April 5. Just how big are the numbers? 1,014,540 pounds of trash collected, 4,030 tires removed and 23,341 pounds of recycling was collected during the 2013 clean up.

In Germantown there will be a huge presence felt all over the neighborhood with 30 official projects registered! Can you feel it? It’s momentum. Keep up the sweep up!

The W Rockland Street Project has two projects planned for the big day – Emaleigh will be working with W Rockland Street Neighbors on a block cleanup and Aine will be leading a cleanup with the Southwest Germantown Business District at Freedom Square (5101 Germantown Avenue).

Sign up to volunteer for a Germantown (or any other neighborhood!) project by clicking here!

Momentum \mō-ˈmen-təm, mə-\ 
the strength or force that something has when it is moving.
the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes.


Volunteer for one of many project sites in Germantown

Sign up in advance … or just show up to lend a hand!


1. Lingelbach Elementary School
6340 Wayne Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144

2. Hood Clean Up
4901 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19144

3. SoLo/GCA-WAM Philly Spring Clean Up 2014
Municipal parking lot
4919-25 Wayne Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19144

4. Friends of Happy Hollow Playground and Community Garden
4800 Wayne Ave (upper level Pulaski Ave and W. Logan St.)
Philadelphia, PA 19144

5. Friends of Loudon
4650 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19144

6. Neighborhood and Park Cleanup (DIA Clean Up)
Wayne & Johnson Sts.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

7. Germantown Town Hall Cleanup
Germantown City Hall
Germantown and Haines St
Philadelphia PA, PA 19119

8. 6100 Block Germantown Avenue
Cleanup Historic 1770 Germantown Mennonite Meetinghouse
6121 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144

9. Rockand Street Neighbors
15 W Rockland Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

6200 W. Chew Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19138

11. Block By Block Spring Clean Up Block by Block Cleanup
49th Ward and 12th Ward
Philadelphia, PA 19144

12. Germantown Philly Spring Clean Up Lower & Central Germantown (Chelten, Wayne & Germantown Avenues)
5539 Germantown Avenue (headquarters)
Philadelphia, PA19144

13. WDAS-FM/PMBC Cleanup
304 West Coulter Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

14. 6000 Block of Germantown Ave
Spring Clean-up Wyck Historic House, Garden, and Farm
6026 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19144

15. East Germantown Avenue Chew and Locust
5559 Crowson Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19144

16. Clean-up Maplewood Mall
5601 Greene St.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

17. Baynton Hill Neighbors Wister Station and surrounding blocks
Philadelphia, PA 19144

18. John B. Kelly & Hansberry Garden Cleanup
5116 Pulaski Avenue
5150 Wayne Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144

19. Penn Knox Neighborhood Association Clean-up
Penn & Greene Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19144

20. Schuyler Street Block Cleanup
4902 Schuyler St.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

21. Sherman Street Block Cleanup
6340 Sherman St.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

22. Queen Lane Block Cleanup
400 W. Queen Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144

23. Priscilla Street Block Cleanup
5300 Priscilla St.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

24. Knox Street Block Cleanup
5054 Knox St.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

25. Southwest Germantown Business District Clean Up Freedom Square
5101 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144

26. Manheim Street United
Manheim Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

27. Morris Street Block Cleanup
4400 Morris St.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

28. Parnell Street Block Cleanup
516 Parnell Place
Philadelphia, PA 19144

29. Hansberry Street Block Cleanup
200 W. Hansberry St
Philadelphia, PA 19144

30. Haines Street Block Cleanup
850 E. Haines St.
Philadelphia, PA 19138


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