West Rockland Street May Update

Meeting Notes – Extra-Extra-Read-All-About-ItSo what exactly do residents have to say at a neighborhood block meeting in Southwest Germantown? Check out our meeting minutes from the July block meeting for an inside look. Following block meetings, a printed copy of the full meeting minutes is distributed to each of the 46 households on W Rockland Street. Yes, that’s a lot of paper, but our block is old school and the best way to communicate is by pounding the pavement and flyering. Delivering a constant flow of information helps us keep an informed block. The notes are a straightforward rundown of everything that was discussed at the meeting.

First 2013 Block Meeting was held on May 9. Notes from the meeting are included in this update. Over 15 people attended.


Car traffic on the block was a big issue raised at the meeting. Speeding cars are coming down the block more frequently. Neighbors talked about getting “Slow Down” and “Children at Play” signs. We have requested a “Traffic Study” by the Streets Department to assess the problem. Expect a petition to be circulating requesting speed bumps and speed limit signs for the block.


We are hoping to light up the vacant lot areas with lights this summer. Neighbors can also leave porch lights and other outdoor light posts lit at night to increase safety at night for all residents.


The Block Party is on Saturday, July 27. A block representative will be coming around to start collecting money for the party (which will cover the street permit and large entertainment items like the moonbounce and waterslide).


There has been dumping of trash and sewage in the community garden and playspace at the top of the block. Several bags of human feces have also been found in the alley stretching from 38 to 42 W Rockland St. If you have a sewage problem, please get it fixed and call the proper city agencies. Do not dump it on the block. This is a health hazard to children and neighbors.


Playstreet is returning to Rockland Street for 2013! All children up to 18 years old can receive a free summer lunch meal & snack each weekday, Monday to Friday. Times for Playstreet and the summer lunch program to-be-determined. Playstreet runs June 24 to August 30. Residents on the top ¼ of block will be asked to move their cars during Playstreet. This is not a requirement but it would be nice to give the children more area to play! If you have an idea for a Playstreet activity please contact the Playstreet Leader, Anon.


Would you like to be a member of the garden and grow your own vegetables, herbs, fruit or flowers? There are several open spots. The cost is $10 for the year 2013. Please speak to Anon or Aine if you want to join.

The community garden will also soon be for more than just plants. We are purchasing picnic tables and residents will be welcome to use the space for small social gatherings with family and friends. Stay tuned for details!


  • New fences have been installed around the bottom lot and middle lot.
  • Neighbors mentioned setting up a Rockland Street Movie Night.
  • Large groups of kids coming to the block to start trouble – look out for them!
  • Fundraising for the block party.
  • More sidewalk planters to stretch the whole block!
  • Supervision of children: Please monitor your children.
  • There is a curfew for children under 18, flyer to come soon.
  • Block parking is limited. Please be considerate of your neighbors.
  • A list of free and low cost summer activities and camps will be coming soon.


June 1 Rockland Street Garden & Planting Day

June 15 Block Clean Up (cars must be moved

June 21 Last day of school

June 24 First day of Playstreet & Summer Lunch Program


August 3 Block Clean Up (cars must be moved)


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