Pop Up Sidewalk Gardens

Creative urban intervention! A sidewalk garden grows on W Rockland Street.

By Ainé and Emaleigh Pop up sidewalk gardens are a low-cost to free solution for seismic sidewalks and a motivating tool against blight. See a dirt pit in the sidewalk? Maybe it’s weeds. If you are lucky it might even be grass. Whatever the condition, if it’s bad, it is time to turn that unsightly chasm into a garden. Gone is the infested little hole with old dusty nickel baggies, a rusty lighter, about a dozen crusty pennies and shards of glass (well, that’s what we found on W Rockland Street). Enter a most magnificent patch of pleasantness and beauty. Grab some bricks for the border, get your shovel and plant. Now start smiling and watch what a difference this gracious green patch makes.

Pop up sidewalk gardens seem like the perfect little urban intervention until we find a more permanent solution for W Rockland Street’s crumbling sidewalks. We have two installed now and plan to create a few more on the block with fall plants to start.

View more photos here.


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