In Germantown, Christmas Trees in August

By Ainé | Since December of 2010 the vacant fenced lot at the corner of Germantown Avenue and Windrim Avenue has been the home of dozens of dead Christmas trees. Yes, you heard that right, Christmas trees. During the holiday season one of those pop-up Christmas tree stands set up shop at the lot. The problem is, they never closed. Christmas came and went and the sad leftover trees were dumped in a heap. They were buried in deep snow a few times over the winter. Surprisingly, they stayed green for a really long time. Spring came. Then summer. Then, one day I looked over to see if never-ending-Christmas was still alive and well to find the trees had turned a bright brown. Fire hazard? Likely. By now, vegetation has grown over the trees in the lot so they are a little hard to see.

The fence here was in disrepair and we noticed that it was recently fixed, along with other fences surrounding vacant lots in the neighborhood, which is great. But no one noticed the trees? This corner lot, which is just across from the Wayne Junction regional rail station and a few blocks from W Rockland, would be a beautiful place for planted trees or more. We expect to see major changes in this spot once the long-awaited Germantown-Nicetown Transit Oriented Plan gets moving. Until then, can’t wait until the Christmas tree stand is back. They’re going to get an earful.


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