A rain barrel for you, and you, and you. Workshop August 23!

By Emaleigh | Here’s a pretty green opportunity that you should not pass up. If you’ve always wanted a rain barrel and were ill-equipped (or too lazy) to get yourself a barrel and teach yourself how to rig it up, well now is your chance to turn things around.

“The Energy Coordinating Agency and The Philadelphia Water Department are providing rain barrels to residents of Philadelphia’s watersheds free of charge, in order to promote the reduction of stormwater flows to our sewer system and creeks.”

Well isn’t that lovely? Not only will you score a rain barrel free of charge, you’ll also learn how to use it properly and no doubt meet some cool people. The next workshop is Tuesday, August 23 from 6-7:30 p.m. in West Philadelphia at the People’s Emergency Center, 325 N 39th St. Click here to register!

Speaking of simple solutions for urban environmental challenges, Germantown’s Vernon Park (just 1 mile down Greene St from W Rockland) will soon see some major transformations. The Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership, Inc. (TTF) has partnered with both neighborhood groups and citywide organizations to revitalize the park, create a rain garden, and increase public use of the park. Their efforts are already underway. You can learn more about this project and get involved here: http://ttfwatershed.org/vernon-park. Newsworks wrote about the cleanup efforts back in July, and the story also included some brief talk about ways to improve safety in Vernon Park, with mention of the substance abusers who regularly use the green space as their stomping ground. Hopefully those folks will also undergo a radical transformation themselves or relocate! Read that story here: Volunteers, vision and change in Vernon Park


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