A letter to SuperPages: Thanks so much for illegally dumping phone books on our street!

SuperPages are super!

Dear SuperPages, Thanks for delivering phone books to every household on my street. I don’t really need any of the three books you delivered to me, but thanks anyway. I do have one quick question for you. Why is it that the guys running your delivery service decided to deliver nearly 10 bags of phone books to the vacant lot at the bottom of my street? Are there houses there that I don’t see? I guess they thought that this sandy lot — that our block residents work hard to keep litter free, mind you — could really use these phone books. SuperPages may be right. I heard the lot planned to look up “Better Business Bureau” and file a complaint. Anyway, just wanted to send a quick thanks for dumping in my neighborhood. SuperPages is the worst ever!

Yours Truly,

PS: This incident occurred on June 25, 2011. I would have wrote sooner, but alas, I was busy cleaning up illegal dumping by businesses like yours, contractors, and other idiots too.

PSS: I recycled ALL your phone books.


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