Stay cool! Ainé on CNN demonstrating the fire hydrant sprinkler cap from the Philadelphia Fire Department

By Emaleigh | In honor of today’s 90 degree temps, let’s take a hot minute to remember the major heat wave of last week with a video. W Rockland Street was on CNN (again!) and I just dug up the clip. Sarah Hoye was back on the block to shoot a special feature about the record heat wave that swept the Northwest on July 22. She was on the hunt for Philadelphians finding creative ways to stay cool.

On super sweltering days, we open up the fire hydrant for the kids. We have a special sprinkler cap from the Philadelphia Fire Department that reduces the amount of water used, but still allows for a constant (and less forceful) flow of water. Ainé demonstrates how it works! The segment visited Wall Street in New York, the White House in D.C., Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Atlanta, and of course Rockland Street in Germantown! I have to say, Philly was the most exciting 😉 We’re in the middle so fast forward!

PS: If you want to learn more about the sprinkler cap program, call the Philadelphia Fire Department at 215-686-1391 and request an application.

Record heat hits Northeast
CNN Newsroom | Added on July 22, 2011
New York, Washington and Philadelphia are all dealing with triple digit temperatures


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