And the good news is: Mayor Nutter Launches iPledge

By Emaleigh | Here’s a bit of news we’re pretty excited about. Mayor Nutter and the City of Philadelphia launched a new initiative today called iPledge: What are you prepared to do? From the press release – “The iPledge campaign encourages Philadelphians to make personal or community pledges that will have a positive impact on the city and will encourage societal ownership of problems or concerns.” Glad to hear that local radio stations – Clear Channel, Radio One and WURD – are all doing their part to spread this important message.

iPledge is exactly in line with our philosophy for change in Philadelphia.

#1. The City is not your mother ;0) Yeah, we said it.

#2. It’s time to do what you can. It’s the citizens’ job to work with one another, for ourselves and with government to make a better Philadelphia.

This blog is about just that. What one Philadelphia city block can do to change its future. That’s the tagline. If the people who live and breathe in our community don’t play a mighty big part, how are we ever going to see change? You have to be an active citizen. 

Listen to the Clear Channel collective giving their pledges…

A few other choice words of wisdom:

“We are not going to settle for what is, we are going to imagine what might be.” – Barack Obama, 44th President

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President

So what are you prepared to do? Take the iPledge. Learn how you can get involved. Find iPledge on Twitter and Facebook. Share the word. Get some inspiration. Read the official press release from the Mayor’s Office of Communications below. 

City of Philadelphia
Mayor’s Office of Communications
Michael A. Nutter, Mayor
Mark McDonald, Press Secretary



Philadelphia, July 18, 2011 – Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Clear Channel Radio, Radio One and WURD launched “iPledge: What are you prepared to do?”—a new, collaborative initiative that promotes personal responsibility and collective action for Philadelphia. The iPledge campaign encourages Philadelphians to make personal or community pledges that will have a positive impact on the city and will encourage societal ownership of problems or concerns. Throughout the summer, Clear Channel, Radio One and WURD, during their first, collective outreach campaign, will highlight the campaign and will encourage their listeners to pledge.

“If we want sweeping changes to our city, we need to collectively take responsibility for making Philadelphia the city we want it to be,” said Mayor Nutter. “I want to encourage all Philadelphians to make a pledge. It could be a personal pledge to reject violence. It could be a commitment to community service. Every one can make a pledge.” Mayor Nutter also thanked the iPledge campaign partners at Clear Channel, Radio One and WURD for investing in Philadelphia and for bringing the message to their listeners.

Loraine Ballard Morrill, Director of News and Community Affairs at Clear Channel Radio, added, “Clear Channel is very proud to be part of the collective iPledge campaign. It is our responsibility to use the media as an agent for change and positivity, and the iPledge campaign is a great example of the power of radio.”

E. Steven Collins, Director of Urban Marketing and External Relations at Radio One, said, “Philadelphians must take responsibility for the future of our city. The iPledge campaign is an opportunity for citizens who may not know how to get involved to start with a personal pledge and to encourage their family and friends to pledge. This is a message of unity and will show that together we can change the world.”

WURD 900AM host Bill Anderson said, “Community action starts with the individual. The value of the iPledge campaign is that we are asking individuals to make pledges to something they can deliver. It is these small commitments that will make a huge difference when we work together.”

For more information, individuals interested in the campaign can become a fan on the Facebook community page, I Pledge Philly, or can follow the Twitter handle: iPledgePhilly.

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