Day 45 at one mini-farm planted during Grow This Block!

By Emaleigh | Our mom came by W Rockland Street earlier this week and took a bunch of photos of the blooming gardens that were planted during our Grow This Block! event in May. Here are a few photos of Sister Mecca’s artistically designed garden of edibles – vegetables, fruit, and herbs. The collard greens have been tasted. The cabbage is looking healthy. There are small tomatoes on the vines, bush beans and much more!

These photos mark Day 45 of growth since the planting day on May 28. This is the FIRST EVER garden planted by the household. How amazing is that? The rocks and bricks that were used to design the space came from the demolition of the abandoned houses at the bottom of the block. Most of the plants were grown from seed by my sister, a few others were purchased or donated.

Ainé and I (and our neighbors too) love walking down the street and looking at all the beautiful gardens growing healthy and strong all over the block.

Sister Mecca's artistically designed garden of edibles - vegetables, fruit, and herbs

Another view of the garden

Check out these bush beans - look, don't pick!

 Photos by Ann Marie Doley




  • The rock divisions in Mecca’s garden remind me of farms on the West Coast of Ireland where low rock walls criss-cross the fields like a maze of fences. Or as one writer described it, “The coast is absolutely braided with ancient rock walls put up by farmers generations ago as they dug the soil clear of stones and marked their plots.” Wonderful garden!

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