Mayor Nutter shows up on W Rockland Street!

By Ainé | This past Sunday, sore, tired and full of achievement, W Rockland Street residents were watering gardens, planting a few last plants and talking with neighbors about growing, growing, growing! I was in the backyard when the call sounded! Through the alley came the message. Michael A. Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia was out front! Tearing out the front door I went. It was true. Mayor Mike, a security officer and an assistant were there, with The Philadelphia Inquirer article about Grow This Block! in hand. He read it, thought it was pretty much amazing and decided to see for himself. He walked the block, meeting neighbors, handshaking and posing for photos with adults and kids. He wanted to see our new gardens. He wanted to know what plagued our block. We showed him our maintained vacant lots and the blighted properties on Greene Street. He left with the promise that Licenses and Inspections would be in touch about the houses and the statement: “We are going to help your block.”

The Mayor’s already helping to spread the word about our mission. Yesterday, the Mayor and the City of Philadelphia posted links to Grow This Block! articles on their Facebook pages! Thanks for coming out to see us, Mr. Mayor!

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