We’re working on a little something called Grow This Block!

We’re working on a little something called Grow This Block!

Grow This Block! is a back to basics approach to improved quality of life. Project coordinator and W Rockland Street Co-Block Captain Ainé Doley is spearheading the new organization which is dedicated to empowering Philadelphia city blocks to become stronger, greener, healthier, and more beautiful blocks. It’s a combined effort. Grow This Block! believes we can establish real change in a neighborhood through the creation of flower and food gardens, vacant lot transformation projects, tree planting, overall reductions of litter and dumping in communities, and the spaying, neutering and vaccination of both neighborhood strays and residential cats. These are all pieces of a puzzle that W Rockland Street has been working on in the last few years and we’re seeing results. Grow This Block! is about direct access to city and community resources, neighborhood pride, increased safety and decreased crime, community building, partnership, sustainability, access to fresh produce, self-reliance and self-sufficiency, increased property values and the battle against blight. Through training, grassroots organizing and replication, together, we will Grow This Block!

Stay tuned for more details about this up and coming project.

W Rockland Street in Germantown



  • Christine E. Haftl

    You go women! Your idea is exactly what the doctor ordered for Philadelphia. I live in Prospect Park (near Chester) but work at a welfare office in Northeast Philly. I see how areas with flowers and community gardens improve overall quality of life for those who live there. Where can I send you a check to help grow your movement?

    • W Rockland Street

      Hi Christine! Thanks so much for your generous offer and kind words. We’re always looking for support for our projects. Funding is lacking but we’ve been getting pretty creative (tapping available city resources, donations, lots out-of-pocket but money spent wisely). I’ll email you now with more info. – Emaleigh

      • Christine E. Haftl

        You are welcome. BTW, can u set up an address where I and others can send donations to grow Grow This Block into something even bigger? Thank you!

  • This sounds great! I love the interconnectedness of ideas. It may sound simplistic to some, but I do believe flower and vegetable gardening can build community, fight crime, decrease litter, increase property values, and most importantly improve quality of life.

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