The Managing Directors Office Rocks! Yes. Really!

We met a very friendly representative from the Managing Director’s Office at this year’s Block Captain Rally. That rep’s name is Manny Ramos. Within just 2 days of meeting at the rally, Manny called us and set up a time to come check out the vacant lot at the corner of Greene and W Rockland (4819 Greene) and the two blighted properties on Greene at 4815 and 4817 (which we’ve blogged about in the past). Just days before the Philly Spring Cleanup, a crew came out and removed the graffiti on the two houses. Just one month after the graffiti removal, on May 2, another crew, complete with heavy-duty equipment, removed thousands of pounds of giant rocks and cement chunks! The team also scraped the top layer off the lot. It was full of smashed up construction debris like glass, drywall sediment, nails and other madness. Then, the lot was leveled.

No stone left unturned, the crew also took on the huge task of removing all the cement, rocks, tree trunks and other dumping from the driveway of 4815 Greene. Though still standing and abandoned, these two properties are in far better condition then they were a few months ago.

Connect with the Managing Director’s Office here for your projects:

The Managing Director’s Office can help with graffiti removal, vacant lot cleanups, and more.


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