Lisa is looking for a forever home! Rockland Street Cat Adoption.

Adopt Little Lisa!

Lisa is a kitten from W Rockland Street in Philadelphia. Lisa is grey and tan with a super soft spotted underbelly, striped arms and legs and a long striped wagging tail. Lisa is a super playful big kitten that gets along well with other cats. She loves people. She loves toys. Lisa likes to sleep in cat beds and human beds. She’s amazing!

Lisa was unfortunately abandoned by her previous owner. She was quickly scooped up by us and we’re taking good care of her until she can find a forever home.

Why adopt Lisa?

  • A long lasting relationship, Lisa is young and will be with you for years!
  • Lisa is very talkative, lots of purring and meows! She is a great little communicator.
  • Lisa has all of her shots including rabies. She is spayed and tested negative for FLV and FIV.
  • Lisa is very well behaved and uses the litter (no mess ever!).
  • Lisa is super playful and comes with her favorite toys (a little catnip possum that she carries around).

So you want to meet Lisa?

Please email or call 215-805-8091.


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