West Philadelphia neighbors fight to save their block from an abandoned property

Just read two interesting articles in the news recently, one about a West Philadelphia block fighting to protect their community, the other a news story about the whopping 54,000 Philadelphians who applied for federal rent subsidies (Housing Choice Voucher program better known as Section8 housing) between March 2-15. 54,000!  More about the HCV program later.

The West Philly article includes an interview with Carolyn McClary, the longtime block captain who lives on the 1400 block of N Conestoga Street. She has been fighting to have an abandoned property near her home either sold or demolished. A good quote to think about:

“Some people decide to sell,” she says. “But for those who choose to stay, you worry that before you know it, it’s the whole block.” […] “Maybe I’m asking too much of this old neighborhood.”

No, Mrs. McClary, you’re not asking too much. People need to grow up and be held accountable for their actions on all sides. From the property owners to the city’s lagging paperwork. Looks like now that this article was published, the city is being leaned on to put that property up for sheriffs sale. I hope the situation changes sooner than later.

Read the full article mentioned above here:

W. Phila. neighbors fight to save their block
The Philadelphia Inquirer
By Kia Gregory | April 8, 2010


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