Block Cleanup

At our first block meeting of 2009, the neighbors decided that one of the first orders of business would be to host a block cleanup on April 4, as part of the big Philly Spring Cleanup. W Rockland Street has a big litter problem, in addition to a pretty awful vacant lot at the bottom of the block. Our goal for the cleanup is to get the neighbors involved, cleanup our homes and yards and the sidewalk and street, in addition to tackling a few of our major problem zones.

Goals for W Rockland Street Spring Cleanup

  • Think Big: Join together to cleanup the vacant lot at the bottom of the block and the lots at the top of the block!
  • Cleanup and beautify your own homes and yards
  • Cleanup the street and sidewalk areas near your home
  • Work with your neighbors to cleanup in front of vacant houses
  • And don’t forget the back of your house, keep the alleys clean and clear of debris for emergency situations
  • Say no to litter and illegal dumping! Respect your neighbors. Make Rockland Street a beautiful, trash free and safe place to live for you and your family!

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